hall colors

Xavier halls are saving energy!

Each hall is competing against their own baseline measurements, proportionate to their building, for both electricity and water usage. Help your hall gain the lead by turning off your lights, taking shorter showers, and following these other tips for sustainable college living. Click each of the above links to see the baseline measurements and progress as the competition goes along.

Each hall has a different color.

Every week, this website will be the color of the hall that saved the most energy (proportionally) that week. Check back weekly to see which hall is in the lead! Results are posted on Mondays.

The winning hall will receive a hall party!

Note: Fenwick Place is unable to compete in the competition this year as the cafeteria is attached. However, we encourage Fenwick residents to save water and electricity anyway!

Week 1 Electric Data:

OVERALLeBrockman: 7% savings

Buenger: 17% savings

Commons: coming soon

Husman: 12% savings

Kuhlman: 20% savings

Village: coming soon

Week 1 Water Data:

Brockman: 5% savingsOVERALLw

Buenger: 5% savings

Commons: coming soon

Husman: coming soon

Kuhlman: 9% savings

Village: coming soon


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